How to Choose a Totally Free VPN For Android

A free VPN is a great option to improve the security and privacy of your Android phone or tablet. A free virtual private network is a great option to provide extra security and privacy when using public Wi-Fi or to bypass geo-restrictions for your preferred streaming services. Be aware that free VPNs are often limited in terms of features, and have slow speeds and restrict data. They don’t usually offer the same level of features that premium VPNs offer, like numerous VPN protocols and servers.

On the Play Store you will find hundreds of free VPN applications. However most of them are simple proxies that cannot protect DNS requests or web traffic. In addition is that some of these VPNs are able to track your online activities and sell them to third parties. This is why you should choose a reliable and secure free VPN for your Android device.

Look for the VPN that is not expensive and offers an app that is simple to use. It should also offer essential security features, for instance, a VPN kill switch to prevent your IP address from being exposed in the event that the connection goes down. Split tunneling is another option you might like. This allows you to select which apps are able to use the VPN and which do not.

NordVPN is a VPN for Android that’s quick and secure. Benefit from their 7-day trial and their money-back warranty to test the top VPN for Android devices.

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