Board Portals For Nonprofits

For non-profit organizations, it’s essential to have board portal features that enhance their efficiency without compromising on security. Nonprofit boards are usually run completely or in part by volunteers, so having the capacity to accomplish work quickly and efficiently is paramount to their success. The right tools can help them make better decisions and remain focused on the goals they are advocating.

A nonprofit board portal allows boards to organize their meetings and documents easily online. Board members have access to the information they require to fulfill their governance roles even from far-flung locations. It’s also simple to make notes on important documents and use e-signature technology for faster decision making. A non-profit board can also save documents on a platform which offers unlimited cloud document storage. This means that they do not have to worry about data being lost or compromised.

Another critical feature that a non-profit should look for in a quality board portal is a 24/7 customer support. Many of the top-rated portals have live chat support that allows you to ask questions and get your issues resolved immediately. Some providers have zero-queue fees which means you can get help immediately.

A non-profit organization should also investigate board management software that can be used on any device with an Internet connection. This lets everyone participate in the meeting regardless of their location or schedule. It can also help to reduce the risk of cyberattacks since most hackers target organizations with a high number of sensitive files. It is also recommended that non-profit organizations opt for a security plan that offers two-factor authentication and other security measures in order to protect their confidential information.


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